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Everyone loves the idea of a lazy Sunday brunch at a favorite local restaurant. Ever wonder where this meal came from? Every Sunday people all over the world enjoy a midday meal with their families at their favorite restaurants. Perhaps they are celebrating a special occasion such as Mother’s Day or a Birthday of a friend. In many cases, patrons simply want to enjoy a lazy Sunday morning enjoying a mimosa and wide variety of culinary traditions. Who says you need a special occasion to enjoy a smorgasbord of goodies? When did people start subjecting themselves to Sunday’s little slice of heaven? Some historians think that brunch has its roots in Catholic tradition where Catholics would fast before mass then sit down to a large midday meal. While others believe it is an English tradition to have a lavish spread after a hunt. Where ever the actual origin of Brunch came from it started to catch fire in the United States in the 1930’s supposedly because of Hollywood stars making transcontinental train trips stopping off to enjoy a late morning meal. Eventually it was nurtured by Hotels; when for a time many restaurants were closed on Sundays. Restaurants soon hopped onto the bandwagon and began offering decadent spreads of delicious cuisines and signature mid -morning cocktails. These days a Brunch is a simple way to relax, eat well and socialize with good company. Cafe Mangia is pleasant drive from to Hebron, Marlborough, Glastonbury, Norwich, Lyme and Columbia. Join us for a fabulous Sunday Brunch inspired by the Italian culture of warmth and hospitality.

Cafe Mangia is open for Sunday Brunch from 10 am – 3 pm. Call Café Mangia today to make your next brunch reservation. 860-537-7707.

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