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Cafe Mangia has the best catering menu in the Colchester area. You enjoy the fresh and perfectly prepared dishes at Cafe Mangia – why not consider catering your next event with us? Café Mangia is already known for Fine Italian Dining in Colchester and surrounding Connecticut towns. Whatever the occasion, you and your guests will enjoy the Café Mangia Catering Menu. Sample our fresh, delicious starters and salad plates, all made from scratch. Café Mangia raviolis, penne, rigatoni and spaghetti dishes and eggplant, chicken, veal, beef and pork entrées melt in your mouth. You’ll never have better Penne alla Vodka in the Colchester area. Our selections may be ordered by the pan (18 to 20 guests) or half-pan (8 to 10 guests).

When you want to enjoy the best fine Italian dining in Colchester Come to Café Mangia. Enjoy your meal with a selection of premium wines, bottled beers, sangria, and signature martinis and cocktails. Experience our warm ambiance, authentic Italian fare and join us for the best value for Happy Hour east of the river. If you are interested in Café Mangia Catering, please contact us for an appointment to customize your menu and to receive a quote.

Best Catering Menu | Colchester CT | Cafe Mangia

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